Universal Elliptical Ring

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Universal Elliptical Ring
Comes diffrent sizes only 24mm wide x 50mm long ellipse.

  • 10 mm-
  • 15 mm-
  • 20 mm-
  • 25 mm-
  • 30 mm-
  • 40 mm-
  • 50 mm-
  • 60 mm-
  • 60 mm-
  • 70 mm-
  • 80 mm-
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Full Description

The Rounded Oval Ball Stretcher is a unique shaped ball weight that offers an amazing fit! Made of Surgical Steel as are all of our weights. It's a rounded, oval shaped weight with 1 screw hole to make it easier to attach. Just slide your sack through the larger side and screw the small side onto it. This shape should reduce slippage and provide a great comfort level with it's new design. Get an amazing weighted feel or stack to stretch!

Comes in following sizes size

10mm x 24mm x 50mm    ( 100 Grams )

15mm x 24mm x 50mm    ( 231 Grams )

20mm x 22mm x 45mm    ( 285 Grams )

20mm x 24mm x 50mm    ( 319 Grams )

20mm x 24mm x 50mm    ( 319 Grams )

25mm x 25mm x 50mm    ( 600 Grams )

30mm x 22mm x 45mm    ( 453 Grams )

30mm x 24mm x 50mm    ( 524 Grams )

40mm x 22mm x 45mm    ( 725 Grams )

40mm x 24mm x 50mm    ( 725 Grams )

50mm x 24mm x 50mm    ( 930 Grams )

50mm x 24mm x 60mm    ( 1150 Grams )

80mm x 24mm x 50mm    (1500 Grams )

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